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Dear Saint Bonaventure High School Family,

In the 1960s, Cardinal McIntyre sought to establish a Catholic secondary school in the city of Ventura. In September 1963, the Sisters of Notre Dame, under the leadership of Principal Sister Mary Saint Lawrence, opened the high school to seventy pioneering freshmen.

Since that day, Saint Bonaventure High School has provided a warm, welcoming environment to thousands of students as they have advanced their education and grown in maturity. Saint Bonaventure's graduates have attended the finest colleges, military academies, trade schools, and universities in the country and gone on to transform lives through their various talents. These talents are inspired by the teachings of our beloved patron, Saint Bonaventure, the Franciscan Seraphic Doctor of the Church, whose motto we bear:  Soli Deo honor et gloria.

It is this call to "honor and glorify God" that continues to propel Saint Bonaventure High School forward.  We are a nationally recognized secondary school.  Students come from 45 different partner schools to attend Saint Bonaventure High School, where they are challenged academically, athletically, and spiritually to live their faith by serving others.

Now it is time to look to the future.  The students' uniforms and hairstyles have changed over the years, but Saint Bonaventure High School's mission remains the same and continues to ask the very best of its students.  The values and traditions of the past fifty years continue to be entrusted to each subsequent class. There is definitely a green-and-gold legacy: "Once a Seraph, Always a Seraph."

Yours in Christ,

Marc J. Groff

Mr. Marc Groff
Saint Bonaventure High School