Living Faith Engaging Hearts Enlightening Minds Achieving Excellence Transforming Lives


Dear Saint Bonaventure High School Family,

Since I first came to Saint Bonaventure in 1983 our mission has been to provide a world-class Catholic education to the families of Ventura County. Our shared dedication to living faith, engaging hearts, enlightening minds, achieving excellence and transforming lives has remained constant. We believe, just like the brothers and sisters who founded our school, that there is no greater gift that we can offer a child than the values we hold dear.  Our mission is strong.  Our commitment is steadfast. 

However, the world has changed. Typewriters and library books have given way to iPads and apps. The sisters and brothers have been replaced with lay men and women dedicated to the highest standards. Our students learn how to code, how to construct advanced robots, and how to build successful professional networks. It is truly a new world.

These changes have made Saint Bonaventure a better school, but they have also created a threat. Catholic schools across the country are facing rising costs that make tuition out of reach for working families. We are no different.

When we see a challenge, we come together and address it directly. It is what we learn together at Saint Bonaventure – whether on field, on stage, or in the classroom – together we are strong.

That is why we need our alumni.

Will you donate today to Saint Bonaventure?

Your tax-free donation allows us to invest in our campus, without raising tuition. It will allow us to upgrade our network so teachers can use computers in new and innovative ways. It will allow us to build our new Leadership Academy and teach the universal skill of leadership. Most importantly, it will make sure Saint Bonaventure is never out of reach for any student.

Yours in Christ,

Marc J. Groff

Mr. Marc Groff
Saint Bonaventure High School